Steamed Cheeseburgers, Hartford Connecticut





When I was in America in October 2011, I found myself watching re-runs of “Man Vs Food” at my best friends house (PS America this is why you’re fat) in the middle of the night.  I had never seen the show before and couldn’t really (and still don’t) fully comprehend why this person was going all over America eating huge pizzas or omelets, but we watched it nonetheless.  Before he gets to whatever “challenge” he has for the episode, he does go around to some of the areas cool eateries.  In the episode about Hartford, Connecticut he started talking about Steamed Cheeseburgers at Ted’s Restaurant in nearby Meridan, Connecticut.

The story is that Ted’s started as a lunch cart for construction workers and steam was the easiest way to cook things on the go.  But eventually the workers were all like, “Yo Ted, we need something more substantial for lunch, can we get some meat or something?” So Ted’s were all like, “We can do that!” And thus the steamed cheeseburger was born.  It is apparently the only place in America that serves them, as all their equipment is custom built it is no wonder why.

So I’m sitting at my friends house watching this Man Vs Food, and I was all like.  What’s that, STEAMED CHEESEBURGERS?!  Sounds delicious.

So I said, “That sounds delicious.”
And my best friend said.  “Yeah it does.”
“Hartford isn’t THAT far away, I mean in the grand schemes of things which are far away, Hartford is pretty close.”
“True, aren’t you flying out of Boston?”
“What time is your flight?”
“I dunno, like 7:45PM or something, why?”
“Well, here we are (points in the air) here Boston is (points at another spot) here’s Hartford (points in the middle then moves point somewhat down).”
“YES, I like where this is going.”
“What if we drove you back to the airport and went for steamed cheeseburgers on the way?”

And that’s exactly what happened.  Steamed cheeseburgers are exactly as delicious as they sound and it was totally worth the detour (plus any excuse to spend a few extra hours in the company of close friends is fine with me).


Inside, the counter and the kitchen.

My delicious burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mushrooms


Fries, ours were plain.

They had steamed cheese on theirs.

Jenn's Burger

Donavan. He was super hungry. (Just kidding, he only ate 2 of those)

Barry, his burger was too large to fit in the photo.

Jenn and me being tourists.